Way To Go Mrs. Otts!!!
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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Mrs. Otts submitted a project through donorschoose.org website (see below). With the support of parents, family members, former parents, and educators her project was 100 percent funded over night. She submitted the project late Saturday night, it was approved on Monday, and funded by Tuesday. The tablets were in her room ready to go on Wednesday. With a little extra money left over, she was able to submit a project for 8 headphones. WAY TO GO MRS. OTTS!!!!


You can read her project below:


"Teaching Second Grade Superstars Through Technology!

My students need additional Fire Tablet technology to keep up with the growing and changing technological world!

My Students

My students walk in every day full of life, ready to learn, and excited to find what awaits them that day! I tell them they are the best class and our day is going to be better than the day before! I teach in a Title I school with a high population of free and reduced lunch students. My classroom ranges from gifted students to students with learning disabilities to a visually impaired student. They want to be in school because they want to learn all they can so they can be successful in life.

My Project

My students need technology in the classroom! I am teaching the leaders of tomorrow. It is important that I create a classroom atmosphere that engages my students while preparing them for their future jobs. Technology is here to stay, and I want to give my precious students the opportunity to thrive both now and in the future. Currently, we only have 4 desktop computers. We need additional devices for learning!

With the addition of tablets in our classroom, students can collaborate to learn in a hands-on approach.

My visually impaired student can work with other students in many different ways with the use of tablets.

The addition of tablets in our classroom will further engage my students while I am teaching. While I am focusing on my small group lesson, the other students can use tablets to research topics, follow along, and interact during lessons/activities, search for books or work on school approved apps."

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