Woodlawn Spelling Bee!
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018
20 students from 4th, 5th, and 6th grades participated in the annual Woodlawn Elementary Spelling Bee on Tuesday, February 13th.  Students spelled their way through five rounds of competition.  
The winner of the bee was 5th grader Cameron Longley.  She spelled every word in the competition correctly!  A tie-breaker was needed to determine the runner-up who was 5th grader Nathan Rivera.  
Cameron and Nathan will now compete in the Murray County Elementary Spelling bee hosted this year by Chatsworth Elementary on February 15.  Thank you to all the participants and good luck to Cameron and Nathan as you compete and represent Woodlawn!!
4th-grade participants:
Lawson Young
Alyssa Mauldin
Daisy Reevis
Aiden Harris *3rd place
Christy Teasley
Cayce Robinette
Sierra Blevins
5th-grade participants:
Rachel Linginfelter
Owen Otts
Avery Kitchens
Cameron Longley *1st place
Allison Martin
Nathan Rivera *2nd place
6th-grade participants:
Levi Rymer
Braxton Gibson
Riley Yates
Kendra Becerra
Ashton Head
Keira Johnson
Emily Torres
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